June 2019   
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Nominating Team Meeting
6:30 PM
Location - Immanuel BC - In Overflow Area in the Sanctuary


Pastors Breakfast
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Meet at Hardee's in Moberly



CBA Family Fellowship
6:30 PM
Cairo BC
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Musselfork Community Church


History of the Musselfork
Union Church

The Musselfork Church Plant was originally established in1899 as the Musselfork Union Church.  2 acres were given to the church by a James and Permilia Welch.  The original deed stipulates that three congregations were to be involved in the use of the church building. The Holiness church, The Christian Church and the Missionary Baptist Church.  Each congregation was given a designated Sunday each month
and the use of the building on the 4th and 5th weeks were to be agreed upon by all three congregations or no one could meet on those Sundays.  The church was deeded to the Trustees of the church and their successors forever.  However
if the church should ever ceased to be a church the land and building would go back to the original owners.

The Musselfork Union church actually served two communities.  Musselfork is located on what is now Route DD.  In the days in which the church was established Route
DD was nothing more than a muddy road but also had the distinction as serving as the boundary between two towns.  Musselfork, located on the east side of the road, and Pee Dee which was located on the west.  A concrete walkway was
constructed at one point to allow citizens to travel back and forth without getting muddy.  The two towns boasted blacksmith shops, a school, post office, stores, a boarding house and several other businesses.  Unfortunately all that remains
today is the Musselfork church building and a few foundation rocks of buildings long since torn down.  There are a couple of houses located on the west side of the road and two mobile homes located on the east.

It is speculated that Pee Dee was given it's name after another town called Pee Dee in another state.  No one knows for sure how Musselfork got it's name.  The town is also located a few miles from a local river called the Musselfork.  There has been speculation that the mussels from the river were harvested to produce buttons made from the shells.  However there are no written records to verify that fact.

In fact we have not been able to find much history on Musselfork.  The best source we have are a couple of old newspaper articles and the memories of some of the local
senior citizens.  
Rick Hall